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Finally process invoices in your company simply and digitally. 


Simple, safe, affordable.

Tedious and expensive document management projects were yesterday. With doXeo your company starts immediately with the efficient processing of daily mail and invoices. 

Simply scan or photograph.

No special scanner or service provider required.

Simple Digitize.

Send documents to doXeo via email or take pictures with your mobile phone.doXeo automatically processes the documents and signs them digitally.

Automatically Organize.

doXeo automatically assigns documents to the correct users using rules. Employees can check and approve documents such as invoices with one click.

Never type again.

Accounting information reads doXeo from invoices and receipts automatically so they can be further processed in your ERP. No need to type.

Secure archiving.

Your documents are archived securely and unchangeably directly on doXeo. Hosted in Switzerland and always accessible to you.

Doxeo screen parashift
doXeo radically simplifies the coordination and processing of daily corporate mail. The simplest and cheapest solution for document flow, invoice release and archiving in medium-sized companies.





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