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Document Flow Solution in the Cloud

Mailrooming and take-away data extraction.

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Organize Document flow
Assign incoming documents easily and automatically to the right person
Data Extraction
Convenient further processing of extracted data from invoices and receipts.
Secure and GDPR-compliant
Secure and GDPR-compliant processing and archiving of documents

Send documents continuously to doXeo

Simply send your documents by e-mail to doXeo. If you store an e-mail address on your multifunction device, you can send your documents directly to doXeo.

Accounting_Documents_Sets Accounting_Documents_Sets

Documents are prepared and assigned.

The documents are automatically processed visually by doXeo, converted into PDF-A and digitally signed with a simple signature. If a document complies with the defined rules, it is assigned to an appropriate employee or workflow.
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doXeo extracts accounting information - no manual work required

Accounting information such as line items, tax information, addresses, and references are extracted from the document. The posting accounts are assigned automatically. With the option "Full-Extraction" all manual control work of documents is eliminated.

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Release invoices

With the help of the rule and workflow functionality, you can easily set up your own approval workflows. No training is required. In this way, doXeo knows which document is an invoice that needs to be approved by a department and which document is a normal accounting document that can be processed directly.
Screen_Parashift_Approval Screen_Parashift_Approval

Integrates with your accounting software

doXeo can be easily connected to accounting systems, as it has open interfaces. All accounting data flows into your accounting software.
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Solve the paper problem

To process daily invoices and mail manually on paper is enormously time-consuming. doXeo helps you in a simple way to digitize this everyday process in the twinkling of an eye and to save massive costs. Let us advise you.


Document inbox

Send documents from your multifunction printer, mobile phone or e-mail. No inscription required. Simply send your documents and accounting receipts on a regular basis.

Signed PDF

Documents are automatically signed and converted into a secure PDF format. You can easily archive your accounting documents electronically.

Document extraction

Never again waste your time checking or correcting invoice and document data. doXeo does all the work. (Option "Full-Extraction" required)

Booking suggestions

Robo-Accounting is not only a keyword, doXeo creates an update suggestion and learns from the allocation of accounts. 

Document rules

Comes document X, triggers Y. Setting up rules and deriving actions for documents is as easy as using Facebook. If not easier.

Workflow flexibility

Configure workflows whenever you want. It's easy, intuitive and fast. Configure as many as you want.

Document View

Never search for older documents & accounting documents again. The powerful search finds all accounting documents precisely.

Tasks & Notes

Create notes and tasks for documents,  that require additional information and clarification. Assign them to your colleagues.

Export & Archiving

Archive all documents & accounting documents directly in doXeo and export e.g. document records based on filters directly in a batch.


Integrate the doXeo API into your RPA setup using the Accounting Document Management APIs.

Secure Cloud

Your data will be saved, secured and encrypted on doXeo. Your data will be saved in Switzerland.

DSGVO compliant

doXeo is completely DSGVO compliant. We are happy to help you ensure compliance. 

Digitize documents in your company now. Free trial

No perfect documents necessary.

doXeo was developed for everyday use in companies. We know that scanned documents are never perfect - so we don't require them to be perfect.

Send all kinds of accounting documents like invoices, payment confirmations and credit card receipts. As long as a human can read it, the fully validated extraction will also work.

Fully Validated Extraction

Optionally, completely validated data can be read out for invoices and receipts. This saves you any manual postprocessing.


All documents are automatically converted to secure and signed PDFs so you can get rid of paper (depending on local regulations).

suitable for accounting processes

Save yourself the hassle of accounting with Parashift's AI-based accounting document management.